Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to school

Turned out to be somewhat of a disaster. After two days in the new school I decided to take Carmen out. Reason being that they expect the kids to be fully toilet independant. Now while she is fine most of the time, she does get distracted when she is playing or in a new environment.

So while she is in the morning with her own age group - this is quite alright- but in the afternoons in the aftercare- all the age groups are together and that is when things get a bit too much. So instead of forcing her or expecting the teachers to deal with it, I decided to take her out and put her in a new creche to give her time at her own pace to become toilet independant.

This created a bit of stress and heartache as I had to find a new place in one day. And most places are full at the beginning of the year as people place their kids at the end of the previous year. I was lucky to find a place that is on the way to Andrew's school. It was quite an adjustment though and she and us are battling to settle down. Hopefully things will start to settle this week.
Pic was taken by Jeanette

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Jenty said...

I hope she'll be happy in her new school. But I'm sure it'll take a while to settle down... it's a lot of change in 2 weeks