Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a week!!

Boy what a week. It's been a humdinger of note!!
I had hoped that I would start to wind down for my hoiday- but no such luck! Before I leave next week, I have to move a mountain and then dig a hole to start growing a new one.Sounds a bit cryptic, I know- but that's what it feels like.PMSL
I started this week with very definite ideas of what I would like to achieve- and got horribly sidetracked by other pressing needs. In fact it almost felt like I had a new baby - you have this list of stuf you would like to do for the day- and it's really not very ambitious- i.e when baby goes down for a nap in the morning I would like to brush teeth,brush hair and have a shower. No such luck as baby does not go down for a nap. LOL.Sigh- That's what my week has been like
And to top it all my wheel got clamped by our security ,my key broke in the frontdoor lock and Pierre's bakkie packed up.
Thank goodness for good friends otherwise we would have been really up a creek whitout a paddle.They kindly offered me and the kids their home to come eat and bath while Pierre was fixing the lock- and then P joined us for dinner and a well deserved drink.
And last night we had an awesome end of they year party- with a Casino theme- we got to dress up nicely and play with plastic money- great fun and just the perfect end to an otherwise shocking week.
And of course the biggest event of the week- it was my sisters birthday.
So happy 43'rd bithday Sis- we'll be there in a week and a half to celebrate with you! Woohoo! (you'll be glad to know that I've told the kids all grownups are 21) *evil grin*