Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Update on the kids

I haven't done an update on the kids lately- so I thought it is high time.
Carmen is growing like a weed- and eating like a horse as well- she will gladly come home- have something to eat,come dinnertime have some more and just before bedtime- after we have brushed teeth (Murphy's Law) she wants some more.
She is also talking very well- and it sounds too cute when she says PARDON ME- she says - PARDE DIE-ag cute man
She can shake her little finger at you when she tells you how to do things- and will in no uncertain terms tell you to go sit in the "Naughty Corner" if you are being naughty- in her opinion.
She is quite happy at school and has settled in nicely, She didn't get a "glowing" report from them- but then they are expecting her to recognise shapes and colours- For a 2,5 year old I think it is a bit much.
She loves her dresses and her dolls dearly.

Andrew is quite the litttle man now- refusing to play with girls. He has had some adjustment issues with his new big school- but everyday- he seems a bit more settled.
He knows that to deflect bullies- you do what they do to you- and then tell the teacher. This seems to work well for all involved- friends,school and parents. The only thing that happens is that he tends to scratch those friends of his list then.

He is starting to share more and more what happens with him everyday at school- and seems to really enjoy the arts and crafts- everyday he comes home wanting to "decorate" something.
He has started to write the first letter of his name- much to me and Pierre's amazement.
Given that he still calls letters, numbers-we think he is being very clever.
He started to suck his thumb again- but we are tackling that issue one step at a time.
He loves his tv- not his cars so much anymore. Any toy/game that lets him interact with other people is now a firm favourite.

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