Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some thoughts on being South African

I had a fine time this morning trying to convince Andrew to put his shoes on. This made me think about things that are uniquely South African.

In South Africa it's quite normal for the kids to go without shoes, even go to school without shoes. In fact most schools allow kids to go shoeless until the age of about 12/13

And it's quite normal for kids to arrive at a venue, take their shoes of and go play. Hence me battling with Andrew to put his shoes on when we go out. I like him to wear shoes when we go to the shops- as the floors get very dirty.

But it's not uncommon for me to take my shoes of when we get home- or if we are at a venue with the kids and I want to run around with them, and my shoes are not suitable- I have no problem taking my shoes of.

I know that in Europe and North America this is almost frowned upon. Although I do speak under correction of course.

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