Thursday, March 27, 2008

Booking Through Thursday

Cover-Up March 27, 2008
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This week’s question comes from Julie, who asks:
While acknowledging that we can’t judge books by their covers, how much does the design of a book affect your reading enjoyment? Hardcover vs. softcover? Trade paperback vs. mass market paperback? Font? Illustrations? Etc.?

Not a lot really- I just dont like it if adult fiction has pictures in it- I continously worry how blind people would read that book.


Anonymous said...

No, I don't like illustrations either. I like to make my own mind up about characters.

Jeane said...

If a reader were blind, wouldn't they be reading a braille version? I'm sure those don't have illustrations.

gautami tripathy said...

For graphic novels, illustrations are important.

Booking through cover

Megan said...

I think it is funny that you "continously worry." Thanks for making me smile.

Anonymous said...

I prefer not to have illustrations in my books, though not out of concern for those using a braille copy but because I prefer to use my own imagination for the book. When you have illustrations, I find I try to reconcile my mind's picture with the artist's.