Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Roundup of last month

I forgot to do this last week- so I'm doing it now.
The main attractions of the month was my car that conked for a day- and the drama with all of that.
I was still settling into the new schools- me not the kids- they are fine - lol- but I'm starting to find my feet now :)
Pierre is under tremendous strain right now- their business is doing well- but I dont think the parternship will be around much longer- there is just too much personality clashes going on right now.It's causing Pierre a bit of self-doubt.
O ja- and me and all my hormonal crap- which I think I found the cause of for by pure accident yesterday. I will post about it as soon as I get more info.

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Jenty said...

Oh dear about Pierre. Hope it sorts itself out soon!
And I really hope that you've found the cause