Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Bit Miffed

My meme for today has still not updated their question for this week.
Now how am I suppose to function?????

Anyways- I'll post about something I've been thinking about
Sounds a bit cynical - but this morning I was standing at the robot and the guy next to me had a flat tyre. I pointed it out to him- for which he thanked me -and then he had to make a u-turn so he could go to the garage across the road.
Now while this gave me a good ,Samaritan like feeling, and he possibly felt gratefull that his rims wasn't damaged, I'm not sure the people behind him really appreciated it. Since he had to obstruct the lane he was in and then turn into the oncoming traffic to turn. Now he wasn't irresponsible doing it- but it is inconvenient if someone in front of you puts on his hazards and then has to wait for traffic to clear so he can turn.
So the drivers behind him might not have felt so accomodating.Especially if they didn't know why he was turning.

Mmm- makes you think doesn't it??


Hero March 6, 2008
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You should have seen this one coming … Who is your favorite Male lead character? And why?
(And apologies for this going up late . . . my post-dated post didn’t publish when it was supposed to this morning! It’s just a few hours late, but still–sorry about that! )

Sjoe- I cant think of any right now.....The only one that comes to mind is the father in The Thirteenth tale... the way he took care of his daughter when his wife couldn't.

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