Friday, March 14, 2008

Four Foods on Friday

Four Foods on Friday #21 questions
This week’s meme is sponsored by Cafe Britt.
Any regular participant of FFOF, that has played 6x or more is eligible to receive a link in my sidebar if they want one, all they need do is ask.
Here are this week’s four questions.
#1. What’s your favorite fruit and how do you like to eat it?
Mm this changes from season to season- but mostly I like mangoes and guavas- and I eat them just like that- I peel the mangoes of course

#2. What is the one spice in your kitchen you use more than any other?
Dont use a lit of spice- pepper I suppose

#3. Pudding. Instant, stovetop or premade?
I luurve Wollies Chocolate mouse

#4. Share a recipe using potatoes.
Mm hubbie like roast potatoes- done with a bit of butter and salt


valmg said...

Thanks for playing Four Foods on Friday on Fun, Crafts and Recipes!

Corrin said...

i've never had guava...what does it taste like?

Karen said...

Oh wow, that pudding sounds wonderful. I have never seen that around here.