Thursday, March 20, 2008

I just

have to post this. LOL
This morning was a bit of a mess- no apparent reason than kids just being a bit more demanding than usual.
We made Andrew's hat last night- which he was very impressed with- but poor Carmen felt very left out because she had no hat- poor nunu
So there's me rushing around - packing Andrew's "picnic" muttering to myself that I wonder if they are going to feed the kids if we have to provide picnics .
Andrew's picnic consisting of lots of msg products- chips,sweets and me adding more stuff cause I'm not sure how much food they are getting today.Stuff like provitas and cheese and dried fruit. Guess what will get eaten today. LOL
Andrew is refusing- again- to wear long pants- cause cant you hear it's not raining mom. This seems to be a boy thing as most people with boys seems to be having a batlle getting the kids dressed warmly in this weather.
And Carmen just generally wanting to be picked up and cuddled- and I'm late.
So when I get to the office I remember we haven't taken a pic of our "masterpiece" the easter bonnet. I phone Pierre- and get a very terse - I'm late , I'm in the car-and I dont have the camera with me.
I require tentatively wheter he could take a picture whith his phone- only to get barked at- you know it doesn't download.

For some weird and wonderfull reason all this have put a huge smile on my face. Aint us mothers just a weird bunch :))

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Jenty said...

Hee hee, I don't blame him for not wanting to wear long pants... it's hot today again :)

Pity you didn't get a pic of the hat!