Monday, February 4, 2008

What a morning..

Sjoeweee...what a mess. My car didn't want to start this morning and since it went in for a service on Friday both Pierre and I was convinced that the service centre did "something" wrong.

So I phoned them. They are convinced it's the battery. So Pierre takes it out the car for me and of I trundle to our local battery joint. Battery fine.

Back home phone service centre again.grrr. Now we have to tow the car in. Phone the AA. Told they are extremely busy and I will have to wait 2 hours fo them. Wait impatiently. After 3 hours they pitch.

Friendly AA man scratches around in engine. Car starts. Whoohoo. It was some loose wire in the engine.

Thank goodness.

Get to work at 2.
Carmen has started to cut her top left back molar. Just as I was convinced she would end up with no back molars :)
Dinner post
jip- we are taking this up again
Dinner tonight is Lasagne with a green salad.

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Jenty said...

2!! I would have just taken the day off!
Glad she finally got her molars! Woohoo!