Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another one

So Andrew had another birthday party of one of his friends at school at Tres Jolie today. It is a very nice venue and I think we should take the kids one day just for lunch.

But hows this for confusion- The invite came for Luvuyo's party. When I asked Andrew who this is- he didn't know. Had the invite not had his name and surname on- I would have thought someone got it wrong. After chatting to a collague at work he assures me the Luvuyo is a Xhosa name for a boy. Right so it turned out to be a girl. They call her Vuyo at home. No wonder Andrew didn't know her- he doesn't play with the

Luckily I bought a unisex present. Thank goodness.

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Corrin said...

isn't the social life of little kids amazing? we never had parties like that when i was a kid.