Monday, June 9, 2008

Pure Bliss

I must admit- we were thouroughly spoiled this weekend. I could want for nothing and if I needed something it was there in a flash. Thouroughly decadent!! It was so good Pierre and I are considering it seriously to go there for our 40'th Birthday's. That would be divine.
And the kids were fine!! As always mom worries too much- and they end up having a ball!!LOL
Pierre moaned a bit about all the "work" he had to do i.e shopping,washing and cooking. PMSL.

The weather didn't play along though. It poured for most of Saturday and some on Sunday. But that didn't deter us from having an awesome time.

1 comment:

Jenty said...

Looks incredible... but at that price I should bloody well hope you were spoilt! LOL!