Wednesday, June 18, 2008

German Needles

Arrgh. Andrew hasn't been feeling well the past two days and last night we saw the tell-tale rash. German Measles.
Andrew calls it German Needles- they make my bum itch mom!
Thank Goodness Pierre has had GM as a child. He immediatly recognised it and dashed out to go get some calamine lotion. If he hadn't recognised it- I would have fretted al night about the childs "red skin". And sped of to the pead in the morning.
So I'v stopped all other flue meds I was given Andrew and I'm schmeering him with calamine and giving him stopayne for the discomfort.
We just have to ride it out now and hope and pray Carmen doesn't get it- as we are going away next week.
One good thing is now that the rash has appeared al the other niggles have disappeared -so he is feeling much better. Just a bit bored- as we cant go out- and no one can come visit us, much to Andrew's disgust. LOL

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