Sunday, June 22, 2008


Braai at my parents today. My cousin unexpectedly arrived and the poor guy had an unfortunate incident with a cow. His bakkie collided with one. Bakkie a write of and cousins arm broken. Cow 1 Cousin 0.
He told us that it happened in front of a shebeen late at night. He passed out and his girlfriend that was in the car with him was sleeping. She didnt know where they were. So to get their location out of the shebeen patrons was quite a task. Eventually someone helped her and she could phone the emergency services.
But once they got there they refused to take my cousin to a hospital- as he insisted to be taken to a private hospital- and their mandate state that they have to take you to the closest hospital which in this case was a governement instituition. Eventually his girlfriend convinced then to give him some painkillers and a friend arrived to help him get to a private hospital.
Because of the accident his bosses decided to promote him. LOL I also dont get it.
He has been transferred to Nelspruit. His manager teased him and said that if he was that desperate for biltong he should have just asked. LOL - at least they had a sense of humour about it.

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