Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Roundup of last month

What with all the long weekends and us being away I completely forgot to do this.
It was an average month with the main feautures being Andrew's teacher meeting where we were told that Andrew might need to be kept back a year- he will still be further assessed and we will make a decision later in the year.
Carmen got put in the naughty corner for slapping everyone in class and then sulked for about a week afterwards. LOL
Pierre is under the impression that his life is a mess- for which he got severly scolded by me- and told to appreciate what he has got right in front of him. Men!!
And I got some nice compliments at my work for a job well done -whoohoo for me.
Our weekend away was much needed and liked.
All in all just a regular month.

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Jenty said...

Well done on the compliments at work. Other than that is sounds like quite a tough month!