Saturday, May 10, 2008

A bit of catching up to do

With everything that's happened so bear with me.

The Mothersday Breakfast was great. We had a beading activity with the kids. The boys did their beads for about ten minutes and then ran outside to go play while most of the girls sat patiently with mom beading. lol. The first pic is of Andrew concentrating on the beads. The second pic of Andrew's friend in class, Roland- whose mom was there but Rolly was not interested in the beads. The third pic is of Andrew and his other good friend in school William. Apparently these two are inseparable in aftercare as well as very naughty together. lol

And amazingly the kids understood that mom was leaving and that they had to stay at school. I was expecting some tears and tantrums. The whole tea and spread was set up by the home-ec students in the highschool. Baked, set tables, decorated as well as budgeted the whole thing. I was very impressed.

The last pic is my two friends Ronel and Jessica. We had such fun at the spa, laughing and chatting so much that we were asked several times to keep it quiet as there were other people trying to
It was great to catch up with my friends again and just hear what is up with everyone. It is so convenient these days with e-mail and cellphones to stay connected but nothing beats talking to people face to face. Escpecially if it is people who you haven't seen in a while.
I think the quote for the day was "sunny side up"- when asked how we would like our massages done- I quipped medium to rare- and Jess decided sunny side up would do it for her- PMSL

Me and my relaxed bod was in bed by 8 in the evening (before the kids!!!- lol)

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