Friday, May 16, 2008

Four Foods on Friday

Four Foods On Friday 29 questions
This week’s meme is sponsored by the Four Foods On Friday Players Contest winner for April - Karen.
Any regular participant of FFOF, that has played 6x or more is eligible to receive a link in my sidebar if they want one, all they need do is ask.
Here are this week’s four questions. This week I’m again going with four questions that all share a theme. The theme is “chocolate”.
This is the ideal meme for the colder weather we are having- nice wintery stuff!!
#1. What’s your favorite beverage containing chocolate or chocolate flavoring?
Hot Chocolate!!
#2. What’s your favorite chocolate bar? OR Share a pic of your favorite candy, chocolate or otherwise
.#3. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten that had chocolate in it?
It still surprises me to find chocolate in croisants- mainly because I dont expect my breakfasts to be sweet.
#4. Share a recipe using chocolate.
Hot milk- with a piece of at least 80% Dark Chocolate- think Lindt here- njam!!


valmg said...

I love hot chocolate in the winter. Have you ever had the dark hot chocolate? Yumm.
Thanks for playing FFOF!

Corrin said...

chocolate croissants are my special vacation treat. i always get them for breakfast when we go to disney world!