Saturday, May 17, 2008

I just have to write this down

As kids come across my path and I start to know them better, I try to figure out what they will become one day.So I have to write it down before I forget and to check back in 20 years time to see if I was right :))

Jeanette's Bradley- Accountant
Connor is too young still- he's in fact himself still thinking about it.LOL
Marlise's Thomas- Dominee (that's a Pastor)- figured that one out today
Marlise's Sonja- Gynae (she will only do c-sect though and she will be so good all us old ladies will go to her for our hysterectomies.
Laura's Kiara- Physcic
Laura's Cameron- Definately manager of some kind

I cant comment on my two,because I'm too close to be objective.


Jenty said...

LOL, I'll have to think about your kids!
As for Bradley, maybe you're right..

Laura said...

I think you got Sonia PERFECTLY!

LOL at Kiara tho!!!

Connor is most definately going to play rugby for his country (wherever it may be ;o) )