Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a busy day

Andrew had a playdate this morning and of course I went with. Much to the Grandfather's astonishment. He thought it would be quite fine to drop of a 4-year old at a strangers house. Not going to happen!! The kids had fun though. When we left I asked Andrew if he would come next time by himself. Now that I had vetted the place out and made sure no demented sex crazed people lived there. His answer- no Mommy you must come with. Thank goodness. Reprieve for paranoid mom.

Then in the afternoon we went to Kiara's party at Lala Panzi. What a lovely venue. Huge big tea garden with jungle gyms, Jumping Castle, pony rides etc. They even had a show for the kids for an hour. The kids loved it. I have newfound respect for Laura though. It is not a short trip from Joburg and Laura travels this road almost every weekend to visit her friends. I dont think I would do it as cheerfully as she does it.

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Laura said...

Ah man Madi!!!! I love you guys man! And you get so used to it!!