Monday, April 14, 2008

Indian Ladies

I met a very interesting Indian Lady today. Indian ladies always seem to carry themselves with such grace. They have these long slender fingers that fascinate me endlessly.

She's had a very interesting life and has tried to better herself while taking care of her family. She studied part time while having young kids, being a wife,working full time and having no domestic help. She managed to finish her degree and has gone on to be very succesfull in her career.

Her sons are now grown and she is a grannie of a one year old. She was telling me how her oldest son decided to get married very young. She and her husband tried to disuade him, but he insisted and got married at the age of 21. He assured his parents that they would wait to have a child, but were pregnant within the first month of their marriage.

She assured me that there is life after toddlers and that you do get to sit down eventually and finish a cup of coffee in peace. I wonder if she will think I'm nuts if I take a picture of her hands tomorrow?

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