Saturday, April 26, 2008


We went with friends to Dullstroom for the long weekend. Dullstroom is situated at 2000 meters above sealevel- higher than Jo'burg- can you believe it. It is beautifull with the landcsape consisting of rolling hills and pine forests. We stayed at Greystone Lodge and was pleasently surprised by the quality and standard of the chalets. The last time we went to Dullies was when I was expecting Andrew- in fact it was a month before he was born.

The view from our chalet was of a pond that was as smooth as a mirror in the early morning.

The dam is well stocked with trout and the owner was telling us they stock it from Machadadorp. Trout need running water to breed

The pics are of the view from our chalet and of course the traditional braai.

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Jenty said...

Oh wow, what a beautiful place!!