Sunday, December 2, 2007

Potty Training

I've decided to post our progress with regards to Carmen's potty training. Except it doesn't feel like there is much progress. If anything this might just offer a few hints of how not to do it.

The daymom has started her about 2 month ago with just sitting her on the potty at least once a day and getting her to used it. This has by all accounts gone well- most days she does a pee and a poo. She is also training with another 2 year old girl- which helps. The other little girl has since progressed and is almost dry. Her mom made an effort in the afternoons when she got home(mom works half day)

So since last week when I got home I took C's nappy of and just let her run about,. from this I learned that around 5-5:154 she has a pee and sometimes a poo. She made a pee once in the pottie and a poo once in the pottie. Other times she just made a booboo on the floor.

Saturday after her nap I took of her nappy and she stayed dry until I bathed her at 7. I couldn't believe this.
Sunday she insited on taking of her nappy when she woke up- made a big thing about sitting on the pottie- and not doing anything. She did this a few times then made a booboo at 9:30, 9:45 and 10:30- al on our floor. Then we went to the shops- and I put on a nappy. After that we left for my mom and I kept her nappy on for the duration of the visit.

After we got home I let her run nappy free. She made a poo in the garden.
No accidents after that, stayed dry until I bathed her at 7.

I asked the daymom today to let her run nappy free and packed in extra sets of clothes.

Lets see how that goes

Dinner was cheese and wine

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