Sunday, December 30, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

It was a very hot day today. Here is the delicious monster getting a spray of water.
The delicious monster is native to wet forests of southern Mexico, Guatemala and parts of Costa Rica and Panama. It was introduced into cultivation in England in 1752; reached Singapore in 1877 and India in 1878. Specimens of the fruit were exhibited by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1874 and 1881. It has become familiar as an ornamental in most of the warm countries of the world and is widely used in warm and temperate regions as a potted plant indoors,—especially in conservatories and greenhouses—though it does not bloom nor fruit in confinement. In Guatemala, it is raised in pots in patios to prevent too rampant growth, as it is apt to become an aggressive nuisance.


Jenty said...

It was hot today, all my plants are drooping. It was lovely to see you today, we must do it again

Madelein said...

It was lovely- kids were knackered. Carmen only woke up now.

Sheilalu said...

nice capture on the spray of water!