Saturday, November 10, 2007


Again. LOL .Luckily this is the last weekend that is so jampacked- things should start to quiten down from this weekend coming. Phew.

We went to the zoo in the morning for a 11 year old birthday party. It was a lovely day. We had a long trek through the Zoo- but in the end it was worth it- we had a nice spot by the chimps enclosure were the party was held. Kids and I enjoyed it- we left just before 2, charged home- put on a new shirt- I was full of tomato sauce and icecream. Went through to Alberton for a party for an old schoolfriends little boy. Was nice to see al the familiar faces- and see everyone's kiddies. Last time we saw each other we were all teenagers.

How time flies.


Had braai at the Zoo- no need for dinner :)

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