Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mommy's helper

I was doing the normal suicide hour thing last night (washing,dinner, sorting kids out,etc). Andrew decide he wanted to play in one of the basins I use to put the washing in. Since there was already clean clothes in that just need to be folded up, I asked him to put the basin back with the clothes in it. A while later he came out, telling me he did it. I didn't have a chance to check what exactly this entailed. lol-First mistake

Before I went to bed I saw the basin with no clothes in it, and started to wonder where the clothes ended up. Then twigged that when I hanged up washing-there was clothes in there that I know I did not sort to wash. I then realised that he just added the clothes to the bundle that was ready to get washed. LOL- the clean clothes got an extra wash.

Ah well- At least he was trying

The picture was taken at the gardens, with the brilliant photographer.

Dinner is spatchcock chicken with steamed veg

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