Friday, November 9, 2007

Made of sterner stuff

So we had the in-laws for dinner last night. And when I got home I realised the water was off. O gaats. Thank goodness I had made the dinner the night before. I just had to cook some rice and make sambals. Phoned Pierre quick to ask him to get us a few bottles of water. Kids got washed in a small washing basin I have.

They were over the moon to see Grandma and Grandpa again. And dinner seemed to go down a treat. All in all nice to see them again and catch up with everyone.

Mil commenetd on the fact that I shoulf have let them known the water was of- in her words it was a "crises" lol. I told her we're made of sterner stuff- we dont let water ouatges get to us.

The water outage was a result of a burst water main about a block from us. The water came back at about 11. Everyone had left by then and I was already in bed. Luckily Pierre washed the dirty dishes then, so I didn't have a dirty kitchen this morning. :)
Dinner tonight is fish and chips :))


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