Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No more TV in our house

Yip- you heard right no more tv. Why? Because Andrew has decided that if Ben10 is not on- it's not worth watching. LOL It's great. Who would have thought that a cartoon character would bring about such change in a household? Andrew doesn't even want to watch Boomerang TV or Cbeebies. Pure Bliss I tell ya. Ocasionally he will ask for a Asterix and Obelix DVD or Tintin, which is fine-as both of those have got quite good stories. Carmen is not interested in Tintin- I think the stories are a bit too involved for her- so she and I will end up playing Barbie or doll- with Andrew telling me what is happening in the movie.

It's wonderfull for me and Pierre because now whe get to watch VH1- the music channel- and play our favourite game- guess the tune and artist- before they put it on the screen. To much laughter and "yes I still got it". LOL

If you dont have a little boy between the ages of say 4 and 8- click on the link- to find out about Ben10.

I think if I meet Man of action in person one day- I will give him a great big kiss. LOL

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