Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Dilemma

Andrew's school notified us very late in the afternoon that they would be closed today. They were going to have a water outage and according to health regulations a school cant be open in such an event. So that left us whith a problem as what to do with Andrew for the day.
Luckily Carmen's school said that he could come there for the day. I though Mister would object hugely- but after me telling him- he cried a few crocodile tears and then seemed to be ok with it.
He stuck to Carmen the whole day- played with her friends and even took a nap in the afternoon!
Needless to say both kids were awake till about 8:30 in the evening but went to sleep together. Usually Andrew goes to sleep about 7-ish and Carmen 8:30.
So TG for Carmen's school coing to the rescue!

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