Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm steamed, I'm

pissed. I'm a large lady ok. Voluptous,full figured,fat. Call it what you want. So of me and my generous curves go to find an outfit for a smart evening do, I have been invited to.
Guess how many shops actually stock things for us larger than life girls.4- JIP 4. Out of a possible , oh say, 20 plus clothing stores in a mall, exactly 4 stock plus-size clothes.
And to add insult to injury,rub salt into the wounds, they (those evil Retailers) recon a lady of my size should wear a black plasic bag with holes cut in for my arms and neck. Cause thats what the evening wear for plus-size looks like. A black plastic bag with holes in. Oh some of them has some stuck on bling. Charming.(not!)

I mean, how hard can it be? This summer particularly the styles suit a more curvy figure. Those empire style blouses,maxi dresses,low v-neck blouses- would look stunning on me. You would think it would be easy to rustle a few of those up in my size. But nooo- there is not one of those stylish garments in my size.
They all for those girls that believe a salad leave constitutes a full meal.

I mean it's not rocket science right?
Us larger ladies are more and more becoming a fact of life and we have moola to spend. I'm sure these evil retailers would actually LIKE some of my moola.

So until these evil retailers come to the party I'm taking my moola to go find myself a decent seamstress- who can rustle up a few of these stunning outfits for me.

Retailers :0
Me:still pissed of.

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Jenty said...

Oh no, hope you found something to wear!