Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sleeping in the same room

I've been thining about letting the kids sleep in the same room for quite a while now. Whenever we go on holiday the kids share a room with no problem. When one wakes up the other just sleeps on. So I thought I would try it at home. Ha ha. When the one wakes up so does the other- and both start crying to match each other.
Now I dont know if I should just persist or keep them in their own rooms- it would be real handy to have the other room as study space.
*Sigh* - What to do,what to do
In the meantime I've found this real cool looking bunk bed- it's a bit pricey though.


Jenty said...

What a funky bed!!

Lindy said...

I slept with my sister until I was about 16, I don't remember any problems but my mother might remember it differently!!