Thursday, October 18, 2007

A few minor

irritations this morning. grr- The traffic was still an abortion- and even though I left early I still got here late.
Then I had a discussion with one of my collagues about Lucky Dube- and she didn't even hear my view on this- just shouted me down until she got her point accros- loud and repeatedly double grr
The parenting forum that I frequent has their usual Friday morning tiff going on-ag ja.
Other than that everyone has GREEN on today!! OUR BLOOD IS GREEN


Marlise said...

Hi Mads!

I would like to hear your opinion :-). There is a woman at my children's playgroup who i *don't greet* at all. She shouted (actually she whines, lol) me down once to many times.

I now pretend I don't see her when we are at the school at the same time.

I despise people like that!

How horrid to have to work with such an idiot daily!

Madelein said...

worst of all my MIL- is excatly the same- I can do my nut!!