Sunday, October 28, 2007

Botanical Gardens

We went for breakfast at the botanical gardens this morning with my mom and dad. It was a lovely day. And like a numbnut I forget the camera and couldn't take pics.grr
We are members of the Botanical Society so trips to the gardens are frequent :)

I did manage to take a pic of an oncidium we have growing in the house. Pierre and his mom has quite a knack for growing orchids- and we really are enjoying this fragile, beautifull flower.
I bought myself some lillies at the shop this morning. They are still closed. I will try and take a pic every day as they open. Cant wait to see what colour they are :)
Dinner was : Roast Beef,roast veggies,roast potatoes. Strawberries and icecream for desert. Njam!!

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